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Aspen Demolition Construction and Demolition LLC has been owned and operated by the Southern family out of Lufkin Texas since 2008. Aspen is a family-owned Christian based business. We have built our customer base with hard work, honesty, and integrity. Our staff is by far the best tools we have to offer! They are more than staff; they are an extension of our family and they take as much ownership in Aspen DCI as we do.

Aspen is a very diverse company positioning itself to be as competitive and at the same time efficient for our customers as possible. We currently offer a variety of skilled services and specialties. We provide Welding and fabricating from design and engineering to working from your plans. We offer a full millwright service that brings a vast array of specialty tools and high-level craftsmen to meet any size project that may arise. Aspen provides staff for daily maintenance to plants as well. Aspen DCI houses a full-service machine shop with a complete certified pump/compressor and rotating elements facility and staff, 28 years’ experience. Aspen offers project management, safety officers, fire watch, hole watch and programs to help with your project.  Aspen Engineering offers a high-level hands-on approach to your needs. The lead has a Ph.D. from Texas A&M is eager to help with any design and engineering projects from start to finish.

Aspen DCI works in multiple areas of construction. We have a demolition division with ability and history in several industrial and commercial settings and as small as a residential removal. We have done several demolition projects that require very detailed removals during normal operations just a wall away. Our commercial and industrial construction is as diverse as the other two divisions of our company. We have remodeled office buildings to plants of all sizes and services. We also offer concrete service that includes machine foundations of all depths and sizes. We have a very dedicated and talented facility maintenance team serving several retail customers.

At Aspen, we take pride in our work and stand behind it. The job will be done right even if it cost us money, that’s the only way we know to do it.


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